Plenty of Fishies

Plenty of Fishies has a lot to offer in terms of game play.  There are over 5 modes to play, each offering a unique game play!  With Miiverse integration, online high-score tracking, and more, it’ll keep you coming back!

Adventure mode

Adventure mode offers a variety of levels that each offer unique challenges.  Navigate your way through the the lake, river, and ocean to reclaim what is rightfully yours.   The game-play consists of eating the fish smaller than you, to get bigger and conquer the ocean.  There are power-ups along the way too!  At the beginning and ending of each level, you can see everyone’s experience with Plenty of Fishies with Miiverse integration, where Miiverse posts are shown IN the game!  Who knows, yours may show up next!

Flippy Fish

Do you like flappy bird?  Do you hate flappy bird?   Whichever category you fall under, the mode Flippy Fish will have you loving it!  You can also play up to 5 players at once while you navigate through the obstacles!  What’s different than flappy bird?  LOTS!  You can fly under targets for even more points, or choose a different and MUCH harder path to gain even MORE points!  Try to get the highest score in the world with built in online high score tracking!

Egg survivor mode

In this single player mode, you must try to protect all of your eggs from the other fish.  There are power-ups you can collect along the way to help aid you in your progress.  There unfortunately will be an inevitable end to you, as there is no escaping them… but try to see how long you can survive for, and compete for the highest score online with your friends!

Egg Destroyer mode

In this multiplayer mode, one player must try to protect all of your eggs from the other barracudas that are played by the other players. In this asymmetrical game-play, the player with the fish controlled by the GamePad can hide in tunnels, plants, and more as well as get power-ups and collect fish along the way for more points!  The barracuda’s job is to eliminate the fish as quickly as possible to avoid them getting the highest score.


With three different modes in single player, there are also three different modes in multiplayer to have fun with up to 5 people at the same time!  Compete locally, or globally with online high scores. The amount of fun can be endless with competitions, and you can share your experiences on Miiverse with the built in Miiverse integration.